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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

"Instead of focusing so much on the number, I am now more focused on the actual shape and proportions of my body. Keep doing everythanggg you’re doing.

You are the best trainer!"

Jess Contardi

"I’m not looking for a quick fix. I know this is something that’s going to take a while because of all the weight I still need to lose and the fact that life sometimes gets in the way. It’s more of a lifestyle change than anything and that's ok with me. Keep being your beautiful amazing inspirational self… I love that you are invested in your clients. You’re amazing!!"

Sandra Contardi

"I like it most when you are training me because I am accountable to another person and it pushes me to get the workout done, while working harder than I usually do.

Having a support system is amazing!"

Alexandra D'Avino

"I LOVE how flexible and geared to you [the program] can become, it makes the hardest days a whole whack better. I love that there’s a food cheat sheet where as long as it fits our macros, we can alter whatever we’re eating! But most of all, I love how accessible you are to me/everyone when we’re having a bad day. You’re always there, and that’s where we need you most, in everyday life when shit gets rough. So, thank you!"

Emma Dennis

"You have taught me the number on the scale doesn't matter. With this new mindset, I love working out and getting ready to take my progress photos & measurements. I have already decreased my waist, hip, and thigh size, increased in strength and have become healthier thus far overall."

Allison Christie

"The results are amazing! I definitely feel strong and empowered that I can do anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your constant support [through the Stronger Ever After program] kept me motivated and focused. Can't wait to complete the full program because it actually WORKS!"

Reem Alosherey

"I have definitely made headway in knowing what I should eat and when, and have already started increasing my weight! None of the workouts are too easy, but none so hard that I dread doing them! I am constantly trying to work on my form and aiming to increase my weights, so that keeps things fresh. I also love the text reminders and check ins! They are very helpful and motivating!"

Rya Marrelli

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