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Sweat at Home is a live and on-demand online fitness studio created by certified personal trainer and transformation coach, Larissa Nicole. Designed specifically for busy working-from-home (or sedentary working) females who want to build lean muscle, lose body fat and feel empowered AF while doing it, users will have the ability to get fit from the comfort of their own home - in much less time than it takes at a gym.



Join a LIVE session for the ultimate strength training or Pilates fusion experience - led by either Larissa Nicole, (Certified Personal Trainer + Transformation Coach) or Jessica Oliver (Certified HIIT Pilates Instructor + Athletic Yoga Coach). Your coaches will be guiding you through our expertly programmed workouts, keeping an eye on your form, giving you pointers when needed and motivating you to keep challenging yourself every step of the way!


Our monthly members will receive exclusive access to an online workout database of 10, 20, 30 and 40+ minute strength training, pilates and mobility sessions. That way, no matter how much time you have in your busy schedule, you can always find an opportunity to get in a good sweat whenever and wherever it fits best for you.

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Guidance & Support



Workouts To Fit Any Schedule

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Larissa Nicole

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Larissa Nicole is a Toronto-based Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), online transformation & wellness coach, cookbook author and creator of the Stronger Ever After program.


She uses her 60-pound weight loss and body transformation to show other goal-oriented women struggling with their weight how to ditch the "fad diets" and yo-yo cycle and finally build their strongest, healthiest body in a balanced, sustainable way - without having to sacrifice their busy schedule or their favourite foods.

Jessica Oliver

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Jessica Oliver a certified HIIT Pilates teacher and athletic yoga coach with a passion for health and wellness.


Although her health and fitness journey has spanned well over a decade, it wasn't until she discovered strength training that she truly hit her stride. Her focus at Sweat At Home is combining her love of strength training with core pilates principles to lead a balanced, challenging and fun workout that's guaranteed to build muscle, work up a sweat and maintain that inner balance and stability you need for long-term health.

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Sweat At Home All-Access Monthly members can register for unlimited LIVE strength training sessions - taught by our expert team of trainers - along with receiving monthly access to our Members-Only Workout Library (with new videos uploaded every week!). That way, you can build your dream body in whatever capacity works best for you!



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