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Foundational Full Body Strength

Equipment: Yoga Mat + Dumbbells (Bands Optional)

  • 1 hour
  • 15 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Class Time: Mondays at 6pm EST Equipment: Yoga Mat + Dumbbells (Bands Optional) Workout Duration: 45 mins We’re going back to basics with a 45-minute full-body strength session. Join Larissa as she walks you through 7 foundational exercises that are guaranteed to build lean muscle, torch body fat and help you feel like your strongest, most capable self. Some things to keep in mind... 1. Use the private Zoom link that was sent to you to join the party at the scheduled class time. 2. Make sure to wear some comfy athletic gear and ensure that you have some water and a towel close by - that way, you can sip it and towel off during rest periods. 3. The scheduled trainer will always be leading your class, unless otherwise specified, which will start at approximately 5 minutes past the scheduled time (to account for any stragglers!). During this 5-minute period, be sure to let your trainer know if you have any current injuries or require specific exercise modifications. 4. During your “working sets”, your trainer will be demonstrating the exercises along with you and checking each member’s form and execution (as long as your video is on!). If you have any questions or require further support, be sure to type it into the chat so your trainer knows how to make each session the best it can possibly be for you. 5. Do your best, take breaks when you need to, and have lots of fun. Remember: the goal isn’t to be THE best - it’s to be YOUR best!

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