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  • Stronger Ever After Program

    Stronger Ever After is a 4-week workout & nutrition program I passionately designed for all you badass, busy babes out there who may not have a gym membership or access to machine equipment, but want to strengthen your muscles and tone up (as well as cut down on body fat & start eating healthier) to become a STRONGER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER version of YOU every single day!


    Here's what you'll get with your purchase:


    • A comprehensive 4-week training plan designed for fat loss and muscle building

    • Weekly workouts that you can complete in UNDER 1 HOUR

    • Weekly checklists to help keep you accountable & on track

    • Customizable planners to fit the workouts into YOUR OWN schedule

    • Links to all video exercise demonstrations

    • Personal progress tracking

    • Suggested food & grocery lists

    • A sample nutrition guide for High Carb, Regular Carb & Low Carb meals

    • Special resources, such as an Intro To Fat Loss, What Is A Reverse Diet (and HOW to reverse diet!), How To Take Progress Photos, How To Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), The Beginner's Guide to Portion Control, and so much more!

    • Program is packaged in a user-friendly digital download. Get instant and lifetime access to all training materials!


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