Girl's Got Goals: LIVE Workshop
  • Girl's Got Goals: LIVE Workshop

    Are you ready to ditch the "new year, new you" weight loss challenges, the sh*tty fad diets and empty promises to "start fresh in 2021" and finally learn how to eat and train EXACTLY for your body goals?


    No more 30-day challenges.

    No more restrictive meal plans.

    No more cookie-cutter programs.


    (Let’s be honest - we’ve all been down that road enough times to know it leads nowhere.)


    I'm talking about creating a fail-proof, sustainable plan specifically for your body, fitness goals and busy schedule so that you can start building the body you've always wanted for LIFE. (And not just until you "fall off the wagon," yet again.) 🙄


    If the answer is "HECK YEAH!", then mark your calendars and clear your schedules, because I'll be hosting a value-packed digital intensive workshop called "Girl's Got Goals" on...


    - Monday, January 4th at 7PM EST -


    In this 1.5 hour workshop, I'll be taking you through the exact same system that I use with all of my Stronger Ever After coaching clients so you can finally lose body fat, get fit AF + reach those body goals in 2021, including my:


    • SMART Goal-Setting System for Sustainable Fat Loss

    • Customizable Ideal Calorie Deficit Calculator

    • Customizable Training Workout Calendar

    • 4:2 Method Nutrition Protocol

    • Beginner’s Guide to Portion Control

    • Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning 101

    • How To Program The Perfect Workout


    ... and so much more!


    There will also be a 30-minute Q&A at the end, where I will be answering any and all questions you may have related to goal-setting, nutrition and your next steps.


    By the time the workshop is done, you will have...


    • Your own unique SMART goal (which is essentially your roadmap for long-term fat loss - without giving up your fave foods or sacrificing your busy schedule)

    • Your new, optimized and totally-unique calorie goal for sustainable fat loss (based on YOUR body’s needs, instead of some random number you found on the internet)

    • A custom workout plan organized around your busy schedule (no more forcing yourself to wake up early!)

    • A custom eating strategy based on my successful 4:2 Method for fat loss (all of my clients using this method have achieved amazing results!)

    • Take-home resources on portion control, exercise fundamentals, sample meal plans and so much more (so that you’re not only leaving with a clear, defined goal, but all of the resources you need to achieve it)


    PLUS, everyone who attends will also receive a 30-minute follow-up call (to go over those goals together + get clarity on your next steps) completely FREE!


    PS - Can't make it LIVE? Don't worry! By securing your spot, I'll be sending you a recording of the entire seminar for you to watch & follow along. That way, you won't miss a thing!


    Can't wait to see ya there!




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