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Let's work together!

Are you looking to partner with Larissa to create high-quality, colourful and visually stunning content to breathe life into your food, health or fitness brand? Larissa Nicole Fitness offers services from product photography, recipe development and partnerships to speaking engagements, podcast features and live or virtual workshops.

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Mouthwatering Healthy Recipes

Larissa blends her Italian upbringing and a lifelong love of food with her professional background in both fitness and nutrition to create drool-worthy healthy recipes that are visually stunning, filled with good-for-you nutrients and tastes just as good as her favourite comfort foods.


Stunning Food + Product Photography

Drawing from her BFA in Film + Media studies and years of photography and filmmaking experience, Larissa brings out the true beauty of each dish she captures. She truly lets the food and products speak for themselves with her use of brightly lit spaces, clean minimal backgrounds and colourful composition.

Captivate Your Audience

As a Certified Personal Trainer, soon-to-be registered holistic nutritionist, entrepreneur, content creator, recipe developer and so much more, Larissa can host events ranging from live workouts, meal prep workshops and metabolism seminars as well as speak on topics related to health, wellness, entrepreneurship, body image and diet culture.


Drawing from both her personal and professional experiences — she captures and connects with audiences who are struggling to find a balance between building their strongest and healthiest bodies while learning to love and appreciate their current ones.



What Others Are Saying


"I connected with Larissa on behalf of one of the brands I represent {...} and she managed to exceed my expectations! She puts 110% into her mission, took her time with the process, made sure our brand was being represented the way we expected. Larissa is as genuine and authentic as it gets, passionate about her work and her amazing personality traits shine through her mission and results in the organic growth of her personal brand."



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