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What It's Like To Work With Me As Your Coach

Last week, I was checking in with one of my AMAZING clients to see the how she was doing on a “mini cut” program she had just started.

She was about to head into the gym for a workout, but I could tell that something was wrong.

“I’m so overwhelmed!” she started. “Between work, training, and trying to stay within my calorie goals - my relationship is really suffering.”

“Every time he tries to make dinner for us, I refuse, because I feel like I need to measure and track everything. And the more I worry about going over my calories, the more I end up overeating.”

I knew exactly how she was feeling, all too well.

Too often we get so caught up in the short term because we think it’s the ONLY way to get to our goals. We unknowingly start to sabotage the things that ACTUALLY make us happy right now, in the pursuit of the things we THINK will make us happier in the future.

So, I asked her: If you could think of any outcome that would make you the HAPPIEST right now, what would it be?

“Honestly? I just want to go home to my boyfriend, make a nice dinner together and cuddle.”

I responded: I think you have your answer.

She was absolutely STUNNED when I told her to walk away from the gym, go home and make a nice, healthy meal with her boyfriend instead of committing to today’s strength training session.

But she was also SO relieved, and ended up eating (and sleeping!) better than she had in a long time - feeling much more motivated to crush her workout the next morning.

REAL TALK: If you think that I’m the kind of trainer to tell my clients to forget about the things (and people!) that truly matter in their lives so they can achieve a certain aesthetic goal, you’ve got me all wrong.

I’m NOT the coach for you if all you want from our time working together is to reach X amount of pounds or see visible definition in your abs at any cost.

But I AM the coach for you if your ultimate goal is to feel HAPPY, confident and capable of living the life you’ve always wanted WHILE on the pursuit of achieving your health & fitness goals.

If you’re ready to work with a coach who knows how to help you balance ALL of the things that make you feel strong, healthy & happy - I have TWO online coaching spots available and would LOVE to show you how capable you are of achieving your goals.

Send me an email and let's talk!

With love and wellness,

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