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We're Going To Iceland!

Photo by: Kyle Battersby

Happy Friday, everyone!⁣

Although it's been a pretty devastating week for me (I had to put down my beloved childhood dog, Abby, this past Tuesday), I do want to share some happier, IMPORTANT NEWS with y'all... ⁣

I'm officially going to Iceland!! ⁣

Kyle & I just booked our trip a couple nights ago and we're sooooo freaking excited. It's been over three years now since our last big adventure in Australia, and I'm sooooo eager to get back into that travel mindset again.

We'll be there for 8 days in mid-April, which is just at the tail end of their Northern Lights season, so we're hoping we can catch an incredible show! We'll also be renting a 4X4 and are 100% prepared to drive in all types of weather conditions. So, bring. it. on.

The biggest challenge for me will probably be maintaining a healthy & balanced diet, as groceries and restaurants are LITERALLY the most expensive in the world. But, I'm determined to make it work as best as possible (while still on a budget!) - that way, I'll have plenty of tips to share for all my fellow travellers who want to stay healthy while on the road.

That reminds me... would you guys be interested in seeing more health & fitness-focused travel and/or lifestyle content!? Let me know in the comments below!

PS - If any of you have been to Iceland & have any recommendations/itineraries, please contact me! I'd love to hear alllllllll about your trip and learn about your favourite things to do, places to see, etc.

With love and wellness,

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