Valentine’s Day Ravioli in Creamy Mushroom Parmesan Sauce

As much as I love going out for a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner every once in a while, I truly believe that there is nothing better than cooking a delicious meal together with your Valentine in the comfort of your own home.

And this Valentine’s Day, that’s exactly what Kyle and I are doing!

Last week, I tested out this super-indulgent ravioli recipe with a creamy mushroom parmesan sauce - and boy, it did not disappoint. I’ll warn you now: there is truly nothing “healthy” about this recipe at all. It involves all of the things the media tells you “not” to enjoy if you want to look like Beyoncé - like store-bought frozen three-cheese ravioli, butter, flour and parmesan cheese.

But, you know what? I’ll never be the gal to tell you that you CAN’T enjoy a nice plate of mushroom ravioli from time to time. Because that’s what balance is all about. You. Can. Have. Both.

I’ve found that throughout my fitness journey if I went too far to one side or the other - whether it was overeating and not paying attention to food portions and calories, or restricting myself and paying TOO MUCH attention to my portion sizes and calories, I was never living my happiest, healthiest life.

And so, this Valentine’s Day, as much as it is about celebrating the one you love - I also wanted to encourage you to celebrate your relationship with YOURSELF too.

Enjoy a romantic dinner in, not because it “fits your macros” but because it’s your favourite meal! And if you need any ideas, this ravioli recipe is easy, delicious and highly, highly recommended.

Note: Although it's always nice to treat yourself to this kind of "traditional" meal, I've also added in some healthier ingredient alternatives in case you have specific dietary restrictions or wanted to make this a little more macro-friendly!

Recipe + details available BELOW!