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New Healthy Restaurant Alert: The Green Wood Has A New West Toronto Location, And It's Amazing

Last summer, I wrote a massive article for the HIH community that rounded up my favourite healthy restaurants around Toronto. Because, as much as I love meal prepping, sometimes I just want to go out and treat myself to a healthy meal that I don’t have to cook… without worrying about completely ruining my progress or eating foods that my body really doesn’t love.

One of the healthy restaurants I mentioned in that article was The Green Wood - a cozy breakfast, brunch and lunch spot that’s inspired by clean Mediterranean flavours and comforting home cooking. Despite having to make the trek out to the East end, The Green Wood has always been one of my favourite spots for a fresh, locally-sourced and unbeatably delicious meal. They truly never disappoint!

I was secretly hoping that one day, The Green Wood would find a spot closer to me...and, this past January, they answered my prayers by opening their second location in the West end - right smack dab in the middle of the Fashion & Entertainment districts.

Naturally, I had to be one of the first to check them out for a Saturday afternoon brunch. (And I can hardly wait to visit again to check out their awesome dinner menu!)

But, before I get wayyyyyy ahead of myself - keep reading on for some more details about my overall experience and fave menu items.


Typically, the King and Spadina area is filled with trendy, upscale restaurants that attract a specific locale. But, walking into The Green Wood was like a reprieve from all of the (slightly pretentious) bars and restaurants nearby and instantly felt warm, welcoming, laid-back, and totally down-to-earth.

I found myself thinking that I could definitely set up shop there for the day, order my favourite meal, and plan out my upcoming projects, email my coaching clients or work on my business in a cozy booth in the corner. It felt like a home away from home.


Now, I had loved their brunch menu since I visited their East location for the first time. It’s the reason why I kept coming back again and again. Everything (and I mean everything - from the fresh bread to the brioche rolls, to the tahini or granola) is made in-house by their talented team of chefs and bakers. It’s fresh, sustainable home cooking at its finest. I was also happy to see many of my favourites still gracing the menu, with little tweaks and updates to various ingredients or presentation styles to make it even better than before.

Here are some of my favourites on the menu… (Note: I’ve used their online brunch menu to give you an idea of the ingredients in each dish!)

Healthier Options:

(left to right)


Blended base of açaí berries, strawberries, banana, yogurt and honey, topped with quinoa granola, bananas and raspberries


Grilled pita with fresh falafel, cucumber salad, tomato, hummus, pickled beets, two poached eggs and lemon-garlic tahini, served open-face


Shredded Yukon Gold potato rosti with smoked salmon, fresh cucumber, sour cream, dill and two poached eggs

Indulgent (but worth it!!) Options:

(left to right)


Cinnamon swirl brioche dipped in vanilla anglaise with Ontario maple syrup and berries


Date brioche roll with cream cheese icing and walnut-oat streusel

Tell me - what other healthy restaurants in Toronto would you like to see me review? Leave me some suggestions below!

With love and wellness,

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