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Shrimp Summer Rolls

If you love summer, but you ALSO love spring rolls - you’re definitely gonna love this recipe!

With gorgeous, warm weather like this, I definitely don’t like to be bogged down by heavy, cooked or deep-fried foods. Instead, I feel like eating lots of light, raw, fresh, and cold foods - like chilled shrimp, fresh mango and plenty of colourful raw veggies!

That’s why these Shrimp Summer Rolls are such an easy, fresh & totally delicious way to pack in a bunch of nutrients without feeling like you’re, well… you know, eating a salad. Plus, it’s got that Southeast Asian inspiration that makes you feel like you’re taking a lil’ trip without even leaving your kitchen. (I’d take the actual trip - but, it’s a liiiiiiitle more costly!)

To make these, I simply used all of the ingredients I prepped in my Shrimp Summer Roll Lunch Prep; however, there’s really so many ways to customize it for your personal tastes and preferences. All you need are some rice paper sheets (you can grab some here!) and away you go!

You’ll notice that I don’t give specific quantities for the ingredients, only because it ULTIMATELY is up to you what you want to put into these rolls, and how much of each. So, for this particular recipe, I’m giving you all the details about what ingredients I used, and then it’s really your call about whether you want to make them exactly the same, or if you wanna go wild and add or remove toppings.

Recipe & details available below!


  • Warm Water

  • Rice Paper

  • Cooked & Chilled Shrimp

  • Sliced Mango

  • Chopped Red Cabbage

  • Cucumber Noodles

  • Julienned Carrots

  • Zucchini Noodles

  • Sliced Jalapeños

  • VH Sweet Chili Thai Sauce


  • 9” round pie dish

  • Paper towel or clean dish towel

  • Cutting board


  1. Pour warm water into a 9” round pie dish or similar round baking dish.

  2. Place cutting board onto a sturdy table or work surface, then place paper towel or clean dish towel overtop.

  3. Submerge one sheet of rice paper into the warm water and let soak until it becomes pliable.

  4. Once it feels more flexible, remove rice paper from water and place onto towel. Using either end of the towel, flip rice paper sheet over onto cutting board and set towel aside.

  5. Ensure rice paper is set up in a perfect circle, then start adding your sweet chili sauce by spreading all over surface.

  6. Next, add a few of your toppings - cabbage, carrots, cucumber and shrimp - along one side of the roll, close to the edge. (Don’t add all of your toppings just yet!) When you have about half of your toppings lined up, begin to roll from the end that has all the toppings until the rice paper meets each other again. Because the rice paper is pliable here, you should be able to roll this relatively tightly.

  7. Next, add your remaining toppings - mango, zucchini noodles, jalapeños - and roll once more. This time, you should roll completely to the end, making sure nothing falls out either side. Because the rice paper is still a tad wet, it should seal itself as long as it’s making contact. Tuck the ends in and lay face-down so the seals are being held underneath the weight of the roll.

  8. Slice in half using a sharp knife and lay on a serving plate. (Note: Since they are quite sticky, you’ll want to keep them somewhat separated, otherwise they could break the rice paper when you pull them apart.)


Per serving (2 rolls), calories per serving 268

[Personal macros are dependent on the quantities used in each roll - so, this is just a rough estimate! Macros do not include any dipping sauce.]

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