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On Swimsuits & Self Love

Did you know it's taken me YEARS of soul searching, self care and internal work to FINALLY feel comfortable rocking a bathing suit in public?

I used to spend most of my lifetime feeling ashamed about the way my body looked in a swim suit, and I'd everything I possibly could to cover it up.

I'd opt out of parties that involved swimming, or just "forget" to bring my swimsuit altogether.

On family vacations, I'd wear a t-shirt overtop of my suit and actually SWIM WITH IT ON.

I'd buy one-piece suits that had embellishments, ruching or extra fabric over the tummy so I could convince myself that it better hid my "problem areas".

I didn't once let myself think that perhaps if I just EMBRACED my body the way it was (whether it was up to everyone's standards of beauty or not), stopped caring about other people's opinions and instead just fucking wore whatever swimsuit I truly loved - that MAYBE I'd actually start to learn to love my body again.

To me, that was just waaaaay too complicated.

But, you know what's MORE complicated?

Not allowing yourself to enjoy going to the beach because you fear what other people might think about your body in that bathing suit.

Not going to birthday parties because you're afraid to show your friends what you look like in a bikini.

Not living LIFE because the image of what you look like in a piece of CLOTHING is the one thing holding you back.

I wasted my life worrying about every little bump and curve and roll on my body and in the process, forgot to actually LIVE IT.

So, I decided that my fears just weren't worth it anymore. (And neither are YOURS!)

REMINDER: Every body is a bikini body. You are worth more than the sum of your parts. You deserve to rock a cute-ass bikini and enjoy yourself. And you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are.

Send this to a boss babe who needs to hear this today!

With love and wellness,

PS - If you’re looking to finally take CONTROL of your health and fitness & live a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that’s uniquely tailored to your own individual goals, I’d love to help you on your journey!

I’m now accepting new clients - send me an email and let’s talk!

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