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My 2-Year Glute Transformation

When I started this journey to grow my lower body and glute muscles TWO whole years ago, I truthfully never thought it would take this long to achieve it.

I mean, I used to watch allllll of these other fitness accounts and influencers talk about their 6-month "bulk" and watch them go from pancake to ACTUAL cake and think: "It really is THAT easy!"

But it really isn't.

At least, not for the everyday, busy gal who also has a job, and a social life, and goes on vacation, and likes to eat the occasional ice cream and pizza, and gets sick, and injures herself from time to time, and, you know... actually LIVES.

Has this journey ever been linear? No.

Is it perfect every single day? Nope.

Are there days, weeks or months where I lose muscle, gain fat and take breaks from pursuing my goal altogether? Hell yes.

None of this happened overnight. There is NO quick fix or solution to any problem if you want lasting & lifelong change. But if they really matter to you, and you're willing to devote time to getting better every single day - eventually, you will look back and see that each day adds up. And one day, you will look back (just like I did!) and realize you've BUILT THIS, all by yourself.

However, if you need a little help developing a game plan that's customized to your lifestyle to help you achieve whatever physical goal you may have for yourself, I'm sooooo excited to say that I've opened up TWO new online coaching spots!! (First come, first served!)

My clients have ALL learned the benefits of having a knowledgable, experienced & relatable coach to help provide the tools they need to help them achieve their own respective goals - and I'd be so happy to help you achieve yours too!

So, if you're a busy gal who's looking to grow your booty, lose 20 pounds before your wedding, or just feel strong, confident and comfortable in your body, drop me a line, send me an email & let's talk!

It won't always be easy, but it sure as hell will always be worth it.

With love and wellness,

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