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Kitchen Essentials for a Healthy 2020

Note: This article contains affiliate links to various products that I absolutely love to help keep me healthy and happy in the kitchen, which means I make a small commission off any item you may purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of questions about what kitchen tools, appliances and utensils I use to help me make my time in the kitchen (whether it’s meal prepping, whipping up a quick breakfast, or even baking a healthy version of my fave desserts) as easy, fast and stress-free as possible.

So today, I thought I’d share a list of my favourites with you, which I’ve organized under what I think are the three most important factors - organization, time-saving and everyday staples.

DISCLAIMER: These kitchen gadgets are in no way mandatory in order to live your healthiest lifestyle - but, I’ve found that if you want to save TIME in the long run, you have to invest MONEY on things that are designed to support you in simplifying certain processes and making your life a whole lot easier.


Anchor & Hocking Glass Storage Containers - These bad boys are super durable, colour-coded based on size (which is both helpful and super cute!), stackable and space-saving - not only in your storage container drawer (we ALL have one!) but in your fridge too!

Spice Rack - Having a spice rack makes all your spices easily accessible and well-organized. Using clear jars is also environmentally friendly - because you can buy your spices in bulk or in bags instead of in plastic containers that you’ll have to throw out later.


Instant Pot - The only way I can describe an Instant Pot for those who don’t have one is this: “it’s like a slow cooker… but really fast”. Essentially, it’ll give you that slow-cooker result in a fraction of the time, and is so hand-off when it comes to meal prep that it just simplifies the entire process. Definitely a must-have!

OXO Mandoline - For those of you who don’t have the time to finely slice and chop all your veggies, a mandolin is essential. I love using mine to slice up some radishes and carrots to top on salad bowls or to simplify the process when making foods like coleslaw.

OXO Spiralizer - No more store-bought spiralized noodles! It’s so much fresher and longer-lasting to just spiralize your own when you need them. Plus, this handy gadget makes it pretty simple, too!


Ninja Blender - Perfect for making protein shakes, homemade dips and spreads, or even “no-bake” baked goods! This blender has a killer blade that can withstand almost everything (it even has done-for-you settings for many common recipes!) and the result is always perfectly smooth.

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet - For anyone who’s looking for a beautiful non-stick pan-frying experience, a cast-iron skillet is for you. When seasoned properly, these pans are the most amazing way to cook without having to scrape away tons of residue. Plus, for anyone with an iron deficiency, when cooking with cast-iron, some of the iron will absorb into the food you’re cooking, increasing the amount of iron you take in. (Win, win!)

Rectangular Baking Dish - Honestly, you don’t HAVE to buy this exact linked model. I just loved the way this one looked. But, this size baking dish is perfect for creating easy meals in bulk - like baked oatmeal, frittatas, casseroles, pasta bakes or healthy brownies. It’s just perfect for meal prep!

Sheet Pans - Another ultimate meal prep lifesaver! I use sheet pans for every single one of my meal preps. They’re perfect for baking all of your veggies, chicken or fish on the same tray. It’s an essential component of your kitchen arsenal.

Stainless Steel Knives - If you don’t have high-quality knives, they’re definitely worth the investment. I didn’t realize how much time and effort I was wasting chopping, slicing and dicing my veggies during my meal preps with my cheap, dull knives until I had actually TRIED a good knife. In the meantime, if you’re still saving up for some good knives, I learned a handy trick to easily re-sharpen dull knives using the bottom of your ceramic coffee mug.

Tell me - which kitchen gadgets can you not live without!? Leave me a comment BELOW!

With love and wellness,

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