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It's Okay Not To Feel Okay

I think I can speak for many of us when I say that January hit us hard... like a ton of bricks.⁠

There's been lots of tragedy mixed with some triumphs. Lots to be grateful for, and lots to test our capacity to believe that something better is just around the corner.⁠

Life is HARD. And, the journey is far from linear.⁠

So, this is just a reminder that it's okay...⁠

... to give yourself the time you need to heal.⁠

... to take a break from the routine.⁠

... to change course completely.⁠

... to need some space.⁠

... to ask for help.⁠

... not to be okay.⁠

It's okay.⁠

You're not weak. You don't lack the "mental discipline" to keep going, even when the going gets tough.⁠

Sometimes, it's TOO tough to continue. ⁠Sometimes, our body is literally telling us that we need to stop, reassess our priorities, and give it a rest.⁠

And, just like our muscles need time to rest and recover after being put under stress at the gym - it's important to give ourselves the grace we need during the tough times to fully recover.⁠

If you felt like you needed this reminder today, leave me a 💜in the comments BELOW.

And, if you're struggling right now, I'm opening up my comments and email to continue the conversation and share a sense of connection during whatever tough time you may be going through right now. You are not alone.

With love and wellness,

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