It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Outfit: Sports Bra - Varley; Leggings - Lululemon

This past week has been filled with some of the hardest moments of my life. As a result, I've really had to pull back from my training goals, work deadlines and daily structure and instead focus more on just being KIND to myself - body, mind & spirit.

As someone who loves "busying" myself when things go south, it's been a challenge to allow myself to heal without adding any extra pressure from the workaholic in my mind just neeeeeding to accomplish that next big feat.

In times of distress, I constantly have to remind myself that now is NOT the time for...

  • strict meal plans

  • reaching new PRs

  • building audience reach

  • worrying about the way my body looks

  • diving headfirst into new projects/opportunities

  • etc, etc, etc (is anyone else like this?)

How many of us put that insane kind of pressure on ourselves to move forward as quickly as possible when we're dealing with a horrible loss?

How many of us just push our feelings, needs, and emotions aside and "busy" ourselves with the next big thing in order to try to cope?

This time around, I'm not doing it. This time, I'm trying to listen to myself, be a little more understanding, and truly allow myself the time I need to heal.

To do this, I've really been trying to implement a few self-care practices throughout the day, like:

  • practicing gratitude

  • writing/journaling

  • nourishing myself with good foods

  • being outdoors in nature

  • getting some form of movement in daily

  • listening to comforting music

  • calling loved ones and/or just saying "I love you" more often

These little acts of self-kindness are much better ways of weathering the storm than busying yourself ever could be. But it'll never fully take away the pain of a loss - and that's also okay.

This is just a reminder that it's completely okay to not be okay. To anyone struggling right now, take the time you need in order to figure things out. Don't lose hope. Don't give up. And most importantly, don't sweep your needs & emotions under the rug.

Your feelings, your health, and your wellbeing matters.

Hang in there. I'm right there with ya.

With love and wellness,