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How To Properly Manage Stress

Let’s be honest, our life is constantly filled with stress.

We’re stressed about our jobs, our relationships, not having enough (money/time), or even having TOO MUCH (expectations/responsibilities). Stress, unfortunately, is absolutely everywhere.

We ALL know that stress is a silent killer and can generate many symptoms and diseases that can impact our overall health. But did you know that stress can be controlled by BOTH our external environment, as well as our inner thoughts and feelings?

This means that stress doesn’t actually come from the specific situations or incidents themselves, but rather from the way we REACT to these events or experiences.

Crazy, huh!?

What would happen if we were running late to an important meeting, but instead of stressing out about it and feeling like we’re gonna vomit the entire commute there, decided to just ACCEPT it and pop in a podcast we loved on our way to work instead?

What about if we walked into an intimidating gym for the first time, but instead of feeling stressed about what other people might think and walking right out, we simply EMBRACED it as a new experience and tried to make a friend while we’re there?

Or, what if we had a list of things to accomplish that felt like it kept getting longer, but instead of making ourselves sick staying up all night trying to get it all done, we DECIDED that being well-rested was much more important and got a good night’s sleep instead?

Although some stressful situations may be harder to navigate than the next, it’s important to remember that we all need to learn to RESPOND rather than react. We do this by:

  • taking a deep breath and counting to ten

  • listening more than we speak

  • asking “would I say this to/about my younger self?”

  • smiling more often

  • meditating

  • journaling

  • repeating positive affirmations/mantras

  • asking for help when necessary

If we view stress in a more positive way, we are able to see it is as simply a survival response can move forward with a plan of action, but if we cannot handle the stress, we may end up experiencing the slew of negative symptoms and diseases that go along with stress. (And, literally nobody wants that!)

So, knowing all of this - how do you find ways to manage your stress levels? What new practices are you putting in place when you’re dealing with those “fight or flight” emotions? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With love and wellness,

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