How To Do The Perfect Kettlebell Swing

Hey there, fit babes!

Kettlebell swings are such an INCREDIBLE exercise for building the glutes, hamstrings & core - so long as they are performed correctly. However, doing them incorrectly can lead to lower back & shoulder pain, among other difficulties.

That's why today, I'm coming atcha with a description of the PERFECT kettlebell swing so you can go ahead & get those gains with confidence (and without injury!).

Step 1:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and the kettlebell about a foot in front of you. Bend at the hips and grasp the kettlebell with both hands, keeping your back flat.(Palms should be facing you.)

Step 2:

Before starting the swing, be sure that your shoulders are pulled back, your ribcage is tucked into your body, your core is braced (not just "sucked in"). This should be kept consistent throughout the entire exercise.

Step 3:

Lift the kettlebell off the ground and allow it to swing in between your legs. Your knees should bend slightly during this movement. Keep your back flat and your neck straight.

Step 4:

As you swing back, drive your hips forward to propel the kettlebell back up into the air. Control the kettlebell with your arms, but don't pull it up. (There should be no resistance/tension in your arms at all - it is just a lever in this movement.)

Step 5:

Allow the kettlebell to swing back through your legs, keeping your core engaged throughout. As the kettlebell lowers, move immediately and fluidly into the next rep. (No pauses!!)

Some KEY points to remember:

→ The swing is a HINGE movement, not a squat! Make sure you are bending at the hips and shooting them backwards and forwards with a natural bend in the knees, instead of bending your knees into a seated/squat position and moving up and down.

→ This is an EXPLOSIVE exercise, meaning the force comes from thrusting your hips explosively, not just by passively moving forward & backward.