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How To: Barbell Squat to Overhead Press

Hey there, fit babes! ⁣

Lots of you really LOVED my "how to: kettlebell swing" instructional post last week, so I'm bringing it back again this week to help you crush another one of my fave full-body movements: the Barbell Squat to Overhead Press.⁣

This exercise is a killer combo-movement that works both the upper & lower body to help develop strength in the legs, hips, low back, abdomen, shoulders and arms. When done correctly, it literally is the PERFECT full-body move to incorporate into your workout routine. (I'd recommend doing this move at least 1-2x per week for optimal results!)⁣

⁣Here's a description of the PERFECT Barbell Squat to Overhead Press - that way, you can get those gains with confidence (and without injury!).

STEP 1a [racked barbell]:

Grab the bar with your hands about shoulder-width apart and dip under a shoulder-height rack to lift it off. Step backwards slowly. Let the barbell rest across the front of the shoulders so that the palms are facing up & elbows are pointed straight ahead of you.

STEP 1b [ground barbell]:

Hinge forward so that your back is flat, knees are slightly bent and your ribcage is tucked/core is braced. Grab the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and lift it explosively until you can rest it across the front of the shoulders. (Keep it close to your body throughout this move.)

STEP 2: ⁣

While keeping your back straight and core engaged, slowly lower your body into a squat. (Your legs should form a 90° angle.) Let the weight rest on the front of the shoulders & maintain balance through your mid-foot. Pause for a moment in this bottom position.

STEP 3: ⁣

As you begin to stand, explosively press the barbell over your head, using the momentum of the force you've generated to help fully extend your arms. Exhale as you press.

STEP 4: ⁣

Return the weight to the shoulders with control & repeat!


As always, let me know if this is something you'd like to see more of by leaving me a comment BELOW!

With love and wellness,

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