High Protein Oat Plum Crumble Bars

Featuring Garden of Life’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein in Vanilla

Disclaimer: I am so honoured to be in a partnership with my good friends at Garden of Life, who sponsored this blog post. Although I was provided with the products featured in this blog post at no additional cost, all thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

You wanna know which easy dessert recipe just screams “Fall”?

Fruit. Crumble. (Tell me I’m wrong!!)

Honestly - once the cold weather hits, I’m in the kitchen baking a fruit crumble of some kind almost every single weekend. It’s super easy to make, relatively healthy for you, and oh-sooooo-delicious to whip up in a pinch!

Plus, if you’re in the mood for an easy-to-make fruit crumble that will *really* put you in the fall mood...

...this fall-inspired High Protein Plum Crumble Bar will definitely do the trick!

Unlike traditional fruit crumbles that are typically baked and served in a ramekin or bowl, these bad boys are made into easy-to-grab-and-go bars which make them much more versatile as either a dessert or a healthy “take-with-you-to-work” snack.

Another big plus is that they are super good for you, too! They’re just under 200 calories and contain 9g of protein per slice (holy moly!!) - thanks to Garden of Life’s Grass-Fed Whey protein powder. It’s truly one of the best ways to sneak some extra protein into your diet, while still enjoying a fun twist on a fall favourite.

How To Make This Recipe Vegan or Vegetarian: