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Here's The Difference Between Me And You

If you’re reading this and wondering what I did DIFFERENTLY to have successfully lost all of the weight and transformed my life, here’s what it is:

No matter how many times I’ve failed, no matter how many diets and workout programs and trainers and coaches and self-help books I tried to get myself feeling stronger, healthier, happier and more confident in my body - I never let those experiences that DIDN’T work stop me from achieving my dreams.

Despite all the times I failed, all the times I fell off the wagon, all the workout guides and programs and people that led me astray - I didn’t once take that as a sign that "maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead".

Every time I got knocked off, I didn't just stay down. I got the fuck back up and kept trying.

Because, if you're in this for the long haul, and if you're REALLY determined to reach your goals, you can't give yourself any other option but to succeed.

I recognized that all of my failures have simply been LESSONS in disguise.

I learned that for every door that wouldn't open, it was a sign to LOOK FOR ANOTHER ONE.

Instead of looking at other people’s journey on Instagram and wishing that could be you, TAKE ACTION and try everything for yourself.

Start doing home workout videos in your bedroom after work. Join a gym. Take some fitness classes. Hire a personal trainer. Hire a coach. Buy some health and fitness books. Research. Ask for help.

And if you fail, keep getting back up. Because, ultimately, what worked for one person might not work for the next - and you will NEVER know what works for you unless you try.

So, don’t you dare quit. Don’t give up because one eating pattern didn’t work out, or one workout program didn’t “stick”. Understand that it just wasn’t for you - and MOVE ON.

There are so many ways to get to a destination. You just have to keep on opening doors, and eventually you will find the way.

So, you wanna know the only real difference between me and you?

I just keep getting back up.

With love and wellness,

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