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This Is How Much Money You Can Make When You Invest In Yourself

If I told you I'd give you $500 if you were able to lose 5 pounds this month - would you try to do it?

I think you would.

That's because money is one of our biggest motivators for taking action. You'd immediately consider all of the time, effort and hard work as an INVESTMENT towards earning that $500 and do whatever you possibly could to achieve it.

What if I told you that for EVERY 5 POUNDS you lost, you'd be able to EARN AN EXTRA $500 more each month?

Don't believe me? Just think about it for a second - what would your life look like if you were:

  • waking up earlier?

  • eating a healthier diet?

  • working out consistently?

  • feeling more confident in your skin?

Would you have more energy to start that side hustle you've always wanted to pursue?

Would you feel more confident to ask for a raise in the workplace?

Would you be more capable of putting yourself out there at networking events and social situations?


When you work towards becoming a better version of yourself - whether that means losing weight, eating healthier, starting a morning routine, or even learning a new language - you open up the possibility to achieve EVEN MORE than you ever thought was initially possible.

And, when you don't? You cost yourself that possibility too.


Try envisioning what your life will look like once you achieve a certain goal and use it as LEVERAGE to help you get there. Whenever you find yourself falling off track - instead of fixating on the pounds lost, fixate on the money GAINED, or the opportunities GAINED once you achieve that goal.

Tell me - what does your happiest & healthiest life look like? What's stopping you from getting there?

With love and wellness,

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