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Mediterranean Chicken Lunch Prep

After giving myself a good break from tracking and prepping my meals over the past few months (which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!), I’ve officially decided that it’s time to get back into the habit of prepping my meals once again.

Honestly, it just FEELS better knowing that I have food already prepared and ready to grab whenever I’m hungry, instead of always wondering “well… now what?” the moment those hunger pains suddenly hit.

And since the weather is starting to get a little sunnier and brighter here in Toronto, I thought I would take my meal prep to the Mediterranean this week by creating a fresh, easy and flavourful Greek-inspired dish.

I was originally craving chicken souvlaki, but realized I had neither skewers, nor a barbecue to grill them on. So, I improvised a little by baking these “skewer-less” lemon & herb chicken souvlaki in the oven - and boy, did they not disappoint!

I paired them with a mixed grill of eggplant and zucchini (again, baked, because I’m totally not allowed to grill anything in my apartment), some fluffy couscous, store-bought marinated olives and some homemade Greek yogurt tzatziki for the perfect marriage of fresh, Greek flavours. (In less than 2 HOURS of prep and cook time!)

Wanna make this for your next lunch prep? Click the links BELOW for the full recipes!


Garlic Lemon & Herb Chicken Souvlaki

Baked Eggplant & Zucchini

Easy (No Dill!) Greek Yogurt Tzatziki

*Note: The couscous was simply cooked according to the cooking instructions on the back - no recipe needed!

Happy prepping!

With love and wellness,


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