Feeling Like A True Sleeping Beauty: My 100 Night’s Sleep Trial with Endy

Disclaimer: I think it’s important to mention that I am currently in a partnership with Endy, and was given the products in this review at no cost; however, all of the opinions in this review are 100% honest and my own. Click to read our full Affiliate disclosure.

Hey there, fit fam!

As a fitness professional, many of you know how big a fan I am of sleep. Studies show that, aside from nutrition, getting enough quality sleep is actually the most important factor in achieving any health and fitness goal.

I’m sure we’ve all been there - the nights we’ve completely underslept, spent hours tossing and turning, or just couldn’t get comfortable enough to feel well-rested the next morning. The whole day, we’re usually feeling moody, have low energy or are just running through a “brain fog”. Essentially, when we don’t sleep well, our brain’s ability to focus and process information suffers, our workouts and activity levels suffer, and our body and hormones don’t function the way they should.

Enter, Endy.

Endy is a Canadian company with a mission to design an amazingly comfortable mattress to provide Canadians with high-quality sleep. When I had contacted them back in October, they were thrilled to hear how excited I was to share my experiences with their mattress and sleep products, specifically with regards to how it’s helped me to improve my quality of sleep.

Since they offer every first-time Endy mattress owner a 100 Nights Risk-Free Trial (which means, if you don’t absolutely love it, they’ll pick it up and provide a full refund!), I thought it would be fun to officially weigh in on my thoughts on my experience after 100 nights of sleeping on my Endy mattress.


The delivery of my Endy mattress, pillows and sheets was definitely one of the coolest experiences. Not only was shipping completely FREE, but everything came in boxes that were a fraction of the size. This made it super easy (although still pretty difficult for just one person!) to bring everything up three flights of narrow stairs in my little old 1940’s apartment. Plus, the actual unboxing process was a breeze! Win!!