Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

Featuring Garden of Life’s Whey Protein in Vanilla

Disclaimer: I am honoured to be in a partnership with my good friends at Garden of Life, who sponsored this blog post. Although I was provided with the products featured in this blog post at no additional cost, all thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

You already know I’ll take any excuse to eat pancakes, which is exactly why I just had to share this delicious chocolate chip pancake recipe!

Trust me when I say, these bad boys are super fluffy, chocolatey and delicious AF. They’re stacked with 38g protein per serving, packed with fibre from the flax seeds and may quite literally change your life.

Seriously! These pancakes are THAT good!


Let me be honest here - flax seeds are truly the underrated unsung hero of all superfoods. Although I can’t tell you enough about their health benefits, I’ll sure as heck try! For starters, they’re loaded with nutrients, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, packed with protein, and contain a generous amount of fibre. Not to mention, they’re actually known to help protect against cancer, support the digestive and intestinal systems, and so much more.

And, just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, flax seeds are even so versatile that they’re an amazing ingredient to use in recipes. Because they soak up a ton of moisture, flax seeds are able to bring together other ingredients in a recipe to make it more cohesive. This makes it a great vegan alternative as well if you don’t want to use an egg! (Eggs are typically used as binders, just like ground flax seeds are!)

Long story short, I highly recommend sneaking flax seeds into as many recipes as possible. Your body will THANK YOU!

This breakfast recipe is the perfect way to enjoy an easy-breezy morning, soothe that sweet-tooth craving and enjoy something that’s healthful, high in protein and absolutely delicious.

Grab the ingredients + recipe below.

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes