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How To Reverse Engineer Your Workout Schedule

Ahhh, I'm SO excited to hear all of the positive feedback about my Beginner's Guide 2 Fat Loss [BG2FL] series so far - and we're just getting started! If you haven't read the FIRST part of the series, click here to get all caught up!

If you're ready to pick up from where we left off, let's dive into Step 2!⁠

Using the same SMART goal example...

"My goal is to lose 5% body fat in 2 months by working out 5x per week, tracking my calorie intake and meal prepping consistently."⁠

...the next step is to plan out your schedule.⁠


⁠Ask yourself the following questions -⁠

What milestone do I want to reach each month/week? (ex. 2.5% body fat loss per month)⁠

How much time can I commit to working out each day/week?⁠ (ex. 5x per week, for 1 hour)⁠

Once you have this commitment...⁠


If you're working out 5x per week⁠ for 1 hour, what does your training schedule - or split - look like? Is it full body 5x per week? Is it split into muscle group each day?⁠

NOTE: There’s no real wrong answer here - although I may get some pushback for this. I’ve trained both a full body & split body program for fat loss and haven’t felt like one is necessarily better than the other Here’s a sample SPLIT, just in case!⁠

Day 1: Legs & Abs⁠

Day 2: Back & Biceps⁠

Day 3: Legs & Abs⁠

Day 4: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps⁠

Day 5: Legs & Abs⁠

*usually this split it for women who want to focus on leg development. (Send me a DM if you'd like more info on this!)⁠


I use Google calendar to help me plan out all my workouts. (See the example below!)


REMEMBER: The goal is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD - so, think about where you’re starting, and where you ultimately want to go by the end of the program.⁠

I like to add in MORE cardio sessions each week to increase the training volume as I go. (Ex if the max cardio I can commit to is 5x per week, I'll add in a cardio session each week until I hit 5x per week.)⁠

Once you have all the workouts you can 100% commit to in your calendar, it’s time to move onto Step 3! ⁠

Got any Q's about this step? Leave 'em below!

With love and wellness,

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