How To Set SMART Goals For Fat Loss

Listen up, friends! ⁠

It has always been my MISSION here on Instagram to deliver you real VALUE in the types of resources & information I share when it comes to health & fitness. ⁠

That's why, I'm starting a new series which dives into EVERY SINGLE STEP of the process of how to lose fat. (Because fat loss seems to be the main thing you're looking for through following my account. So, imma help you get there, girlfriend!)⁠

I've used this process both for myself and my clients and have seen real, tangible results. ⁠

But, keep in mind - this isn't some gimmicky "how to get fit quick" series. This is going to require some REAL, HARD work on your part.⁠

So, if you're ready and determined to lose fat, conquer your health goals and completely change your life - keep reading on! ⁠

Let's do this, babes!⁠


Creating a SMART goal is the best way to get really clear on what you want, when you want it by, and how you're going to get there. (Cause, girl, we ain't playin' around!) SMART stands for:⁠

SPECIFIC - What goal do you want to achieve? (ex. fat loss)⁠

MEASURABLE - How can it be measured? (ex. % body fat)⁠

ATTAINABLE - How will you attain it? What action steps will you put into place to achieve this? (By working out X amount of times per week, by meal prepping every week, etc.)⁠

REALISTIC - Do your research. Based on previous experience and knowing your own limitations, is this actually realistic?⁠