Baked Salmon Poké Bowls

I'm making meal prep easy, healthy and simple - one poké bowl - at a time.

That's why, I'm sharing this superfood meal prep recipe with you that is super versatile and quick to make - since all you have to do is bake your salmon in the oven, cook your rice and chop all your raw, fresh ingredients while you wait! (That’s seriously it!)

In this 25 minute recipe, you’ll have four servings of lunch preps done and ready to enjoy. Not to mention it’s got so many great flavours, healthy fats and omega-3s (from the salmon), probiotics from the kimchi and tons of micronutrients from the leafy greens, carrots, cucumber and green onions.

It’s tart, crunchy, tangy, savoury and melt-in-your-mouth delicious all wrapped into one satisfying meal - your taste buds are going to love it!

Kimchi: The Most Underrated Superfood

Speaking of Kimchi, Just when you thought this recipe couldn’t get any better, the use of kimchi is a great addition to your meal prep since it provides such incredible digestive support.

Kimchi is a fermented cabbage, typically used in Korea or Japan. This food is great for your gut health and intestinal lining. Basically, if you struggle with any abdominal discomfort, bloating, gas, constipation - any type of icky digestive feeling - you’re going to really want to try kimchi out. (Plus, if you enjoy pickled foods, it has a similar tart and tangy taste!)

As a registered holistic nutritionist, I know how important it is to add digestive-supporting foods to your diet, so this is one ingredient you’ll really want to include! And, since it’s a pretty commonly used ingredient in poké bowls, it’s truly a flavour match made in heaven.

Note: Since this recipe is great for meal prepping, we decided to tone down the specifics on quantities, since it really depends on how many mouths you have to feed, cook for, and what your nutritional needs are - not to mention your flavour preferences. (ex. You might prefer adding more cucumber and fewer shredded carrots, or more sesame seeds and less kimchi.) For that reason, the calories in this recipe may not be exact to your portion sizes and instead, we’re giving you an “example” nutritional breakdown, which you can feel free to use verbatim if desired.

Are you ready to kickstart your week with this meal prep recipe you’ll be ecstatic about!?

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