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Apple Cinnamon Collagen Cider

Featuring Garden of Life’s Turmeric Collagen Powder in Apple Cinnamon

Disclaimer: I am so honoured to be in a partnership with my good friends at Garden of Life, who sponsored this blog post. Although I was provided with the products featured in this blog post at no additional cost, all thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

Fall is fast approaching and this right here is THE perfect fall recipe!

Imagine having your entire home smelling like freshly baked apple pie - the sweet scents of simmering apples and spicy cinnamon wafting in the air.

Amazing, right?

Well… this Apple Cinnamon Collagen cider is easy to whip up on the stove and will do just that!


For starters, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body - accounting for about one-third of our body’s protein composition. It’s basically the “glue” that keeps us (our muscles, joints, hair, skin and nails) together and strong!

Collagen protein is necessary for the repair and maintenance of:

  • thick, hydrated and luscious hair

  • strong nails

  • smooth, hydrated skin

  • healthy, stable joints

  • strong bones

  • even muscle tissue!!

What’s even better about this cider recipe is that there’s 10g of protein in each serving through using Garden of Life’s amazing-tasting turmeric collagen powder in their Apple Cinnamon flavour. By using collagen instead of protein powder, the beverage doesn’t thicken (as it would with blending plant-based or whey protein together). Instead, the powder quickly dissolves, leaving the recipe tasting exactly like a warm apple cider - while still including all the nutrients necessary for repair and regrowth.

I’d call that a win/win!

Be sure to add this cider recipe to your list when entertaining - or get cozy and enjoy it on your own on a brisk Fall day.

Grab the full recipe + details below.



  1. In a medium-sized saucepan, whisk together apple juice and Garden of Life’s Turmeric collagen powder until a slight froth forms. (Note: you may want to use a sifter when adding the collagen powder to prevent any clumps from forming in the liquid.)

  2. Next, toss in your sliced lemon and cinnamon sticks and bring the entire mixture to a boil. This should take about 5-10 minutes.

  3. Once boiling, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before pouring into individual glasses and enjoying immediately.


Serving, 4

Calories per serving, 150

Fats, 0

Carbohydrates, 29g

Sugars, 23g

Fibre, 3g

Protein, 10g

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