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7 Ways To Handle Overwhelm As An Entrepreneur

Is anyone else feeling like they're spreading themselves a little too thin lately? (or you know, a LOT thin?)

I don't know about you, but as an entrepreneur, I tend to go through these phases of being super PASSIONATE about something. I just pour my heart and soul into whatever that project may be, spending every waking hour working on it and living/breathing/BEING whatever it is I'm working on. During this phase, I say YES to almost every opportunity, fill up my schedule with almost little to no wiggle room and end up being in this total state of delirium until I just. can't. take. any. more.

Does anyone else do this!?

It's at times like these where I KNOW I really have to get back into following some more positive practices for managing that overwhelm.

(Otherwise, we're gonna have a real problem on our hands, ya know?)

So, if you're feeling a little overwhelmed lately, these are a few things I typically do to help manage stress, reduce the overload and see things from a new perspective:


Honestly, one of the biggest contributing factors to my overwhelm comes from this damn device we find ourselves on all the time. Taking the time to put down that phone (especially in the mornings/at night) is a HUGE step towards managing overwhelm.


When things seem to be getting a little crazy, try to find a day where you can just unplug from it all. It doesn't matter what you do that day, but it shouldn't involve ANY of the things that cause you stress and SHOULD involve a lot of self-care, Netflix and ice cream.


If you think you're doing too many things at once, try writing down all the things you want to accomplish this year and sort them in order of importance, how long it will take to accomplish, etc. Really get granular here on your expectations vs. reality, and set some attainable goals or milestones along the way.


Schedule waaaay too busy and not enough time for yourself? Set reasonable boundaries! As an entrepreneur, the lines between the times I work and the times I don't are pretty blurred, and it's easy to get caught up in work at every waking moment. This is why it's SO important to set boundaries. Give yourself a time each day where you are NO LONGER allowed to work, and actually honour that.


If you're spending way too much time stressing about every little detail, this is your wakeup call that DONE is better than perfect. Whether it’s doing a specific task, putting something you've worked on out into the world, making an announcement, etc - getting it OUT THERE is way more valuable than waiting until it's "perfect".


For many entrepreneurs, a lot of the overwhelm can come from feeling too restricted sitting in their home/office/workspace all day and not getting enough fresh air. By getting outdoors and spending some time in nature, you’ll soon discover how much easier it is to breathe, to feel like there’s enough space for you in the world and to remove any feelings of restriction or confinement.


Meditation can look very different, depending on the person. However, whatever that may look like for you, whether it’s being still, being silent, chanting, yoga or just taking a moment to BREATHE, meditation can help to refocus the mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t think straight. Take some time to meditate in whatever form works best for you and allow yourself some time to truly decompress from all the stress.

How do you handle overwhelm? What strategies do you use when life seems to be going a little too fast? Comment below!

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