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5 Protein-Packed Winter Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Is it me or are you already feeling the exhaustion that comes with the holidays?

Just anticipating all the running around I’ll have to do to get gifts and visit friends and family, where will I even find time to prepare a healthy meal and not just give in to all the holiday junk being thrown around!?!?

If you’re feeling just as overwhelmed by the holiday hustle - here’s a little gift for you!

I’m going to make your meal planning one less thing to worry about this season by giving you a roundup of my 5 favourite protein-packed weeknight dinner ideas. (I may not be able to clear your entire plate, but isn’t this a great start?)

These meals are super cozy, packed with protein and essential nutrients to keep you and the ones you love healthy this holiday season. Plus, they also use seasonal ingredients - like pumpkin, sweet potato and kale - that are perfect for enjoying around this time of year.

And boy do they ever taste good! No boring or bland meals here! These are some of my favourite comfort foods - from soups to chilis, to pasta bakes - to keep your belly satisfied, too.

What’s even better is that they’re quick and easy - with one-pot recipes like Easy Turkey Chili, Tuscan Kale + Sausage Soup and Pumpkin Chicken Chili or my never-fail Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie. They’re all just soooo yummy!!

I know how much I’ve struggled to keep it together when I’m super busy and finding these little tricks that have helped me has been a gift to me - and now, it’s my gift to you!

Before I get into all the rumblings about how excited I am, grab a paper and pen and start writing up your grocery list for the week by tapping on these mouth-watering recipes below.



5 Protein-Packed Winter Weeknight Dinner Ideas:

1. Easy Turkey Chilli

2. Tuscan Kale + Sausage Soup

3. Healthy Turkey And Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

4. Instant Pot Paleo Pumpkin Chicken Chili

5. Tuna Chickpea Noodle Casserole Bake

Psst -

If you try one of these recipes, don't forget to tag us on Instagram at @larissanicolefitness and @eatwithlarissanicole! We'd love to hear what you think!

With love and wellness,

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