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4 Ways To Stop Food Cravings In Their Tracks

We've all been there.

It's been a rough day, maybe you've skipped a snack or two, and you've been thinking about dinner since breakfast.

You know you should probably prepare dinner with those groceries you bought yesterday, but you catch yourself scrolling through UberEats and dreaming about being delivered a full plate of shawarma straight to your door. Droooool.

As soon as you get home from work, how do you resist the temptation to "just order in already!" and stop yourself from diving headfirst into that pint of ice cream you just bought as a celebration for getting through the day!?

Here's a lil' list to keep handy for those moments:


Are you getting enough protein throughout the day? Our bodies don't ever stop working, meaning we can't stop fuelling it the nutrients it needs to continue functioning at its best. That's why eating a good protein source with EVERY meal will ultimately help minimize hunger which will lead to cravings.


I've never heard of someone becoming overweight from eating too many veggies. Why? Because it's practically impossible. Veggies are some of the least calorie-dense but nutrient-RICH foods, which is why I love to give my clients unlimited access to them - especially when those cravings hit.


Typically, cravings tend to hit because we're either bored, eating emotionally, or we're overly-hungry. So, try drinking a full glass of water first. Drinking water not only gives you something to do, but it can also help to make you FEEL fuller, which addresses two of those three reasons already. (And sometimes, our need for water is often masked by feelings of hunger.)


The busier you are when the cravings/hunger hits, the more likely that you'll be able to distract yourself, versus having it take over your life and mental state. Try jumping in the shower, writing in your journal, listening to a podcast or doing something you KNOW will consume your mental capacity when those cravings hit.

Tell me - have you tried any of these strategies before? Which one(s) have you found work best for you?

With love and wellness,

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