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Reverse Dieting: How To Come Out Of A Fat Loss Program The Right Way

Hey there, fit fam!

After an incredible week of increased calorie intake, heavy lifts & LOTS of post-challenge celebration dinners, I'm finally starting my reverse diet protocol to ensure that I bring my calories back up to my regular maintenance level (of around 2000 calories) in the most healthy and sustainable way.

And, since you guys have been asking for more info on REVERSE DIETING, here are a few key tips on how to reverse out of a current fat loss program on your own:

1. It’s all in the name! In order to maintain your level of progress, you must do the REVERSE of what you’ve been doing on your cut. That means you should start to INCREASE your calories by 50-100 each week until you are eating around the same amount of calories that your body is burning per day.

2. Start to gradually decrease your cardio sessions each week. (But do your best to keep up with your weight training!!) If you've been doing cardio 6x per week, you can either reduce the total overall time spent doing cardio, or reduce the amount of times per week you do it.

3. Do your best to avoid eating too many "cheats" or treats immediately. Give your body some time to settle into its new ‘environment’ and then slowly increase your calories and decrease your cardio sessions from there. Aim for 1-2 "cheat meals" per week.

4. Start planning what you want to do next! Do you want to build muscle? Then, try adding more heavy compound lifts into your training regimen. Do you want to maintain your current weight? Then, keep training consistently and fuelling your body with healthy foods. Feel CONFIDENT in knowing that it really is all up to you!

Have any more Q's about reverse dieting? Leave me a comment BELOW or send me a message! I'd love to chat with you!

PS - If you're looking to start a nutrition & training program that’s customized to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and completely transform your life, I currently have ONLY 2 MORE online coaching spots available! Contact Me & let’s get started!

With love and wellness,

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