Stronger Ever After: Final Program Results

Happy Monday babes!

As you may know, I've been following my #StrongerEverAfter program alongside my FIRST round of Strong & Supported private coaching members - and the results have been INCREDIBLE!

Over the past 3 weeks, these women have had access to my EXCLUSIVE Facebook group, where I show up (almost) daily to bring them fitness & nutrition resources, healthy recipes, weekly check-ins, LIVE Q&As and workouts, personal feedback, motivation, support & SO MUCH MORE! I've also made a point of tracking my progress throughout this challenge as well and could NOT be happier with my results. (See full transformation photos below!)


Weight - 135.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 36.5

Waist - 27.5

Hips - 36.5

Thigh - 23.75

Calf - 14.75


Weight - 131.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 35.5

Waist - 26.5

Hips - 36.25

Thigh - 23.25

Calf - 14.5

= -4 lbs + -3 inches lost

Before starting this program, I was kinda in a weird place fitness & nutrition-wise. I was complacent in my workouts & letting myself indulge in far too many treats. I kept giving myself the excuse that "I was on a bulk"; however, I noticed that I was starting to fall back into that guilty "diet" mentality.

My #StrongerEverAfter program became just the program that I needed to get MYSELF back. I learned to fall in love with eating whole, healthy foods again. (And using them to satisfy cravings vs. junk foods!) I stopped being so dependent on going to the gym, and was able to get in some pretty amazing at-home workouts.

Most importantly, I was able to develop a better relationship with myself, because I was finally putting in the hard work again, treating my body with care and respect & seeing amazing RESULTS!

If you're looking to lose that stubborn fat, gain more energy to tackle that busy schedule, improve your confidence, build muscle, strength & develop better overall health - my Stronger Ever After program is NOW AVAILABLE to kickstart your journey!

With love and wellness,

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