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Take Time To Celebrate The Small Wins

Photo: Kyle Battersby

Have you ever worked to achieve a certain goal, but by the time you achieved it, you just moved that goal post further away?

This is something I've been talking about quite a bit with my clients & friends, and to be honest... it's also something I'm 100% guilty of doing, too.

Oftentimes, we forget to look back on how far we've come and celebrate our current accomplishments. Instead, we're quick to move onto the next one, without one moment of gratitude or sense of appreciation for all our hard work.

Gratitude - and being grateful for what you have, what you’ve learned & what you’ve accomplished - is the ULTIMATE key to fulfilment.

Not checking off a huge list of resolutions/goals.

Not pushing yourself harder than you’ve ever pushed before.

We are all constantly in a state of change & self-improvement. However, if we are always focusing on the next thing, the next goal or the next obstacle, we will never, EVER be satisfied with where we currently are.

Instead, if we take the time to be TRULY grateful - we'll often learn that everything we want & everything we desire can be forged in between the cracks of what we already have.

So, in the spirit of being grateful, here are a few things I’m grateful for right now:

  • finally reaching 2k followers on Instagram! (I've been not-so-secretly wanting this to happen for weeks, and I'm so, so, so grateful!)

  • being SO damn dedicated to following my #StrongerEverAfter program with my FB group members

  • developing my nutritional knowledge through my CSNN Nutrition program

  • becoming more confident in my body, my work, and in sharing my passion & purpose with others

I encourage you ALL to take a moment to look at those things you're truly grateful for RIGHT NOW. Share them with the world! Leave some small wins, big accomplishments, or just thank someone you're grateful for in the comments below!

With love and wellness,

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