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My 2 Second Transformation

Many of you might have seen my Insta story a couple weeks back where I showed you my 2 second transformation. But for anyone who missed it - I thought it was really important to post it here, too.

This is just a friendly reminder that it is SO DAMN EASY to manipulate the camera so that it shows only our best angles. But, they aren't our only angles.

Take it from me, NONE of us look as good as our social feeds do.

Behind every photo, there are always the other 500 photos it took to get the right one. There's also the hair, the makeup, the outfit, the lighting, the camera, the camera angles, and the editing - just to name a few!

So, next time you catch yourself scrolling through your favourite social accounts and comparing yourself to the way they appear on Instagram, PLEASE remind yourself that these photos represent a small fraction of their lives - one that likely took some careful time in capturing.

And, if an account on social media ever makes you feel bad about the way YOU look, if there's anyone who leaves you feeling inferior, "less than" or not worthy, please unfollow them immediately.

The beauty of social media is that, ultimately, YOU have the power to follow only those who make you feel valued and loved and inspired and motivated and worthy - the ones who challenge you to face your fears, to believe in the impossible & to follow your dreams.

Because you deserve to love the REAL you - not the filtered, Instagram version. (And the real you is pretty damn perfect, just the way it is.)

Sending you all lots of love!

With love and wellness,

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