Stronger Ever After: Week 2 Results

Happy Monday babes!

Here's a quick update on my progress after following my Stronger Ever After program for the past 2 weeks. (Click on the photos BELOW to see my 2 week transformation!)


Weight - 135.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 36.5

Waist - 27.5

Hips - 36.25

Thigh - 23.75

Calf - 14.75


Weight - 133.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 36

Waist - 26.75

Hips - 36.5

Thigh - 23.5

Calf - 14.5

= 2lb + 1.75 inch loss

It's not even over yet, but this has honestly been one of the easiest "cuts" I've ever done.

In terms of NUTRITION, I'm eating MORE calories than I ever have while trying to lose weight (about 1700 calories/day). Plus, I was even able to include a cheat meal into my diet on the weekend because I was doing so well!

In terms of TRAINING, I'm doing 4x 40-min resistance workouts, and 3x 15-30 min cardio sessions. I'm not feeling too sore, and I'm able to fit everything in around my busy schedule, which I LOVE!

Here's to the next two weeks on this program! I can't wait to show you the final results soon!

PS - If you're looking to lose that stubborn fat the healthy & sustainable way, gain more energy to tackle that busy schedule and get sh*t done, improve your confidence, build muscle, strength and develop better overall health - my Stronger Ever After program is NOW AVAILABLE to kickstart your journey!

With love and wellness,

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