Stronger Ever After: Week 1 Results

Happy Monday babes!

After following my Stronger Ever After program suuuuper diligently this past week, here are my Week 1 progress photos & measurements. (Click on the photos BELOW to see my transformation!)


Weight - 135.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 36.5

Waist - 27.5

Hips - 36.25

Thigh - 23.75

Calf - 14.75


Weight - 134.5

Arm - 11.5

Chest - 36

Waist - 27

Hips - 36.5

Thigh - 23.5

Calf - 14.5

= 1lb + 1.25 inch loss

In terms of NUTRITION, I was consuming around 1800 calories a day & alternating between Low, Regular & High Carb days.

In terms of TRAINING, there were only 3 30-minute resistance sessions and 2 cardio sessions, which were so much fun!

Week 2 cranks everything up a notch - reducing my calories by 100 (to 1700 per day) and increasing my overall training to 4 resistance sessions and 3 cardio sessions for the week.

I'm honestly LOVING that I can fit everything in depending on my schedule, since all the workouts are BOTH gym & at-home friendly. (Meaning, if I need to squeeze in a session before I leave the house, I can!)

So excited to see the changes in my body at the end of this week! Stay tuned!

PS - If you're looking to lose that stubborn fat the healthy & sustainable way, gain more energy to tackle that busy schedule and get sh*t done, improve your confidence, build muscle, strength and develop better overall health - my Stronger Ever After program is NOW AVAILABLE to kickstart your journey!

With love and wellness,

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