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2019: The Year Of The Tribe

Every year, I love to write down an empowering word that becomes the main focus of my year.

Last year, my “word” was GROWTH - in business, in personal development, in physical strength. I grew more than I ever thought I was capable of growing in one year. (And I know I’m just getting started!)

But, this year, I wanted to focus on something different - something I haven’t been pouring into lately, but I know it can fulfill me in ways I won’t yet be able to fathom.

This year is all about TRIBE.

This year, I want to focus on showing appreciation & gratitude for all of the extremely strong, beautiful, talented, supportive, and BEYOND amazing women in my life (and those I haven’t even met yet!).

This year, I want to meet other badass female entrepreneurs in ALL AREAS of health, wellness & beyond who are on a mission to build an empire and make an impact.

This year, I want to connect more women together who can all support each other on our journey toward becoming the strongest, healthiest & happiest version of ourselves possible.

I truly believe that 2019 is OUR year - for lifting each other up, empowering each other to make big decisions, motivating each other when we feel weak, and supporting each other in whatever goals we have for the year ahead.

Thats why, I really want to be inspired by even MORE strong, incredible female role models in 2019. I want to absolutely FLOOD my Instagram with ladies who are really making an impact, because I know that only incredible things come from learning from incredible people.

I’d love for you to recommend some of YOUR favourite inspiring, badass babes out there, so I can follow their journey and continue to build my tribe!

They could be someone you know personally, or even just an account that you really love. And if you think there’s a woman out there who would really love my content, don't be afraid to spread the love, too!

Just think - with a solid TRIBE, there would be absolutely NOTHING we couldn’t do.

With love and wellness,

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