Morning Glory Protein Breakfast Muffins

Growing up, I remember seriously disliking the “healthy” muffins they’d sell at coffee shops and bake shops. You know the ones - the Blueberry Bran and Morning Glory Muffins that would be filled to the brim with good-for-you ingredients like nuts, seeds and fibre. Ugh, fibre.

I didn’t get the point.

To me, a muffin was kinda like a cupcake. By choosing to eat a muffin for breakfast, I was already making the conscious decision to indulge in something sweet and likely unhealthy. Back then, I completely separated the healthy and the unhealthy. It was either one, or the other.

It wasn’t until later on in my fitness journey that I realized this: YOU CAN HAVE BOTH.

You don’t have to suffer through eating egg whites and oatmeal each day to eat “healthy”. You can actually create something that might originally seem like it couldn’t possibly be good for you and pack it with so many incredible ingredients - like carrots and banana and coconut and cranberries - until it actually became good for you. Because, let’s be honest, eating nutrient-dense, healthy meals should never equal BORING.

And these Morning Glory Protein Breakfast Muffins are far from boring!

These muffins are everything I told my younger self I didn’t like, and everything I’m completely addicted to now. They’re soft, chewy and oh-so-flavourful! You wouldn’t even be able to tell that they’ve got 7g of protein in each muffin. Try whipping these up for the perfect grab-and-go breakfast in the mornings. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Recipe available below!