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How To Stay On Track With Your Fitness Goals While On Vacation

Since we left on this little Floridian road trip, I’ve literally only worked out a total of 3 TIMES.

Before leaving, I was SO determined to keep up my regular fitness & nutrition routine while I was traveling. But, the truth is? It ain’t that easy.

HOWEVER, instead of beating myself up about it - I followed a few of my fave strategies over the course of this trip that have helped me to maintain my fitness goals (to an extent) while still being able to ENJOY myself, be flexible and take it easy.

(I mean, it IS a vacation after all!)

Use these tips to help you stay on track while on vacation:

STAY HYDRATED: Aim to drink about 6-8 cups of water a day. This will help to maintain your body’s overall fluid levels, keep you feeling fuller and flush out all of the extra food & drinks you may be consuming on your vacay.

WALK OFTEN: Even though I haven’t been following my usual training program, I’ve been making a point to walk absolutely EVERYWHERE & have been racking up at least 12-20k steps a day. This is above my average # of steps, which has helped to keep my increased calorie intake and decreased total weekly workouts in check.

KEEP YOUR PROTEIN HIGH: Fill your plate with as much lean protein as is available (whether it’s chicken breast, eggs, plain yogurt, etc) and be sure to eat these things BEFORE finishing the other foods on your plate.

MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES: As difficult as I’ve found this one to be while on the road (honestly - the majority of food by US highways in the South is primarily fried, preserved or frozen), I’ve been trying my absolute best to get in my greens, fresh fruit and minimize the consumption of fried & fatty foods.

ENJOY YOURSELF: This is seriously the most important one of all. Sure I may not be building muscle on this trip and will likely gain a bit of fat, but I’ve been doing my absolute BEST to not be so hard on myself, take it easy and make the most of my vacation. And if I really want the margarita, I’ll order the margarita.

With love and wellness,

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