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How To Meal Prep Like A Personal Trainer

One of the biggest recommendations that any personal trainer will give their clients when asked what’s the best way to ensure they will achieve their goals is MEAL PREPPING. Not only is it a total lifesaver when you’re in need of a meal in a hurry, but it also helps to keep you on track with your overall calorie and health goals.

Just prep everything in advance, and eat your meals as the week goes on! Sounds easy, right?

Not always...

If you’re like most of the population, you don’t have all the time in the world, you’ve got a budget, and you don’t want to have to sacrifice all your time, money and favourite foods in an attempt to start developing healthier habits.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Here are my favourite tips for prepping nutrient-rich meals that align with your health & fitness goals - without having to sacrifice too much of your time, or breaking the bank.

Go To The Grocery Store Prepared

Forget arriving at the grocery store and grabbing whatever healthy things you think you’ll eat that week! Always come with a list. Trust me! You’ll not only have a clear plan when navigating the aisles to help prevent you from being tempted to buy other things that aren’t on your list, but it will also save you lots of time, frustration (and likely money!) too.

Prep Ingredients, Not Meals

Although it’s always fun to try out a bunch of new & healthy recipes for your meal prep, it’s not always realistic. So, instead of worrying what meals you want to make in advance, I always love to simply prep my favourite ingredients (things that typically taste great together) and then create customizable macro bowls using all, or some, of the ingredients I’ve prepped for the week. Make sure to include lots of veggies, a few complex carbs, some healthy fats and (of course) your main protein sources. This allows more variety throughout the week, since you’re not eating the exact same meal each day, and it saves a LOT of time and headache when you’re actually doing the meal prepping.

Chop And Store Your Raw Veggies/Fruits

This is a huge time saver! Most people think that by buying raw fruits & veggies, it’ll magically get used up throughout the week. But then Monday comes, you realize your schedule is slammed and you can’t find enough time to wash, cut and prep the veggies to take with you - so it ends up just going bad in your fridge instead of being eaten like you intended. That’s why, it’s important to set aside some time (I like to do this while I’m waiting for food to cook in the oven) to wash, chop and store the raw fruits & veggies you buy. That way, you can just grab them and go instead of having to set aside time to prep them when you feel like eating them.

It’s All About Multi-Tasking!

I’ve already touched on this one a couple times now, but the best way to minimize your prep time (and maximize on being a boss-ass meal prepper) is by MULTI TASKING. Chop those raw veggies when the oven is full and you’re waiting for things to cook, roast all of your veggies in one pan instead of separating them into their individual category, and wash/clean your pots and pans as you go.

By implementing all of these strategies, you’ll discover that meal prepping isn’t as big of a beast as it seems, and if done properly, you’ll likely be able to get everything done within 1-3 hours. (Which isn’t much time at all to make your lunches & snacks for the entire week!)

Happy prepping!

PS - If you’re struggling to figure out WHAT KINDS and HOW MUCH food to buy at the grocery store, you’ll LOVE my printable Weekly Grocery List! This list gives you mix-and-match options so you always get the right amount of each macronutrient (PROTEINS, CARBS, FATS) to help you stick with your nutrition goals while still being able to enjoy the foods you love most. With plenty of options, this is the list you can take with you each week and never get bored!

With love and wellness,

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