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How To NOT Lose Your Progress On The Weekends

Have you ever worried about going out on the weekends for fear that you'd ruin your progress?

I used to ALWAYS fear making plans or going out with friends because I thought that it would totally destroy my progress. I thought that all of the hard work & dedication I put in during the week would just magically and completely undo itself on the weekend. (Sound familiar?)

Let me be the one to break it to ya... that's 100% not true.

Honestly, life is all about BALANCE ❤ and if you go into each event with a good game plan, chances are you'll not only NOT ruin your progress, but you'll feel even better and more capable of continuing on your fitness journey in the long run.

Here are my fave tips for balancing my weekends while not sacrificing my progress:

1. PLAN AHEAD - Learn to plan your weekly cheat meals around fun events & occasions.

2. MAKE BETTER CHOICES - If you’re at a restaurant or event and want to stay within your macros for the day, be sure to have a good idea of what foods and portion sizes you have left to eat and make the conscious effort to STAY WITHIN THOSE TOTALS.

3. HYDRATE - Not only will this make you feel fuller (which may help to prevent you from over-doing it), but the more water you drink, the faster you will be able flush any extra waste out of your system.

4. LOVE YOURSELF - If you slip up or make a mistake, love yourself REGARDLESS. In the end, try not to beat yourself up if things don’t always work out perfectly - that’s life! - and the worse you make yourself feel for enjoying something you ate or drank, the worse of a relationship you will develop with food and fitness.

So LOVE YOURSELF through it all, and get back on that grind tomorrow.

With love and wellness,

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