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How To Overcome The Self-Sabotage In Your Fitness Journey

Ever felt like you’re self-sabotaging your own progress?

Whether it’s by making excuses about we you don’t need to go to the gym, wasting time while we’re there, or not just putting your ALL into our workouts - we’ve ALL been there.

We’ve all had those days, or weeks, or MONTHS where we haven’t felt like we’ve been doing absolutely everything we need to do in order to achieve a certain personal goal.

It happens. And it’s completely OKAY to feel this way.

However, what’s helped me overcome the self-sabotage is knowing that if I try to be my absolute best each day, if I put my BEST into each workout (that doesn’t always mean beating personal records... sometimes it means just SHOWING UP) that eventually, things will add up and I WILL achieve my goals. It may take a little longer, but I know that those steps, however small, will inevitably take me closer to my goals in the end.

We’ve all got a style of exercise that we prefer - whether it’s just for a season, or for a lifetime. But, doing more of the things we LOVE will only help us to pick that momentum back up and make us feel so much more charged and inspired than forcing ourselves to do something we hate. (Amiright?)

So, if those cardio machines are making you feel queasy and uninspired, why not pop in a workout video and do a quick home cardio workout DVD? If working out indoors is leaving you feeling a little suffocated, go for a jog outdoors instead! Try a new machine. Take a new class. Skip your scheduled workout and work on your breathing and flexibility.

Whatever you do, don’t be hard on yourself for not enjoying something that you feel you SHOULD be enjoying.

('Cause that's just toxic behaviour, and we all gotta love ourselves a little more, ya know?)

With love and wellness,

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