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Coming Clean: I'm Opening Up About My Current Struggles

Lately, I haven’t been feeling good enough.

Every morning, the first thought that rushes into my head before I can even control what’s happening is to look down at my body and validate that it’s NOT what I want it to look like.

“Remember those abs I used to have? Yup. They’re long gone...”

“My butt definitely doesn’t look as good as it used to.”

“I hate the way my thigh fat jiggles.”

You get my point.

Many of you who don’t know me personally wouldn’t even realize that I’ve been a completely different person over these past two weeks. Why?

Because I haven’t been posting about it on social media.

Instead of opening up about my struggles, I’ve been HIDING it in an attempt to share more meaningful, positive & motivating content that will “actually help” you guys. However, I’m beginning to realize that being HONEST about the low points in my life might actually resonate with someone even more than a recipe for high protein oatmeal or a booty workout.

Because in a world where everyone posts about their successes, it’s rare to find someone who will be vulnerable enough to open up about their struggles and failures.

So, I’m officially coming clean.

It’s been a bit of an uphill battle trying to work through these recurring thoughts of self-doubt. It’s not easy to have destructive thoughts about your self worth and your body on a regular basis. Not only has it impacted me, but it’s begun to impact the people around me.

But, I’m working on it.

Just know that if you’re ever struggling with these thoughts or feelings - you are NOT alone. It doesn't matter if you're overweight, underweight or at an ideal body weight. ANYONE can struggle with body dysmorphia and a poor body image. Even me.

So, if you ever need someone to talk to, know that you can always send me a message. I've got you, you are worthy & we’ll get through this together.

With love and wellness,

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