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Let's Get LIT With GNC Canada!

Recently, I had the AMAZING opportunity to test out GNC Canada’s new line of clinically-dosed pre-workout, LIT, and take an INSANE high-intensity, full-body spin class at Spokehaus with a group of other inspiring Toronto-based fitness influencers. (Did I mention that this was all after teaching 3 Hollywood classes at F45 Yorkville earlier that morning!?)

But boy, was it LIT.

Normally, I would have been too depleted of energy to power through my own workout after teaching three F45 classes. However, after taking some LIT pre-workout, I was not only able to finish one of the most intense spin classes of my LIFE, but I actually felt incredible afterwards - no energy crashes or sore muscles, just pure bliss. At the end of the experience, I not only left feeling completely inspired and energized, but also having made a ton of new friends (and discovered my new favourite pre-workout)!

Wanna get LIT during your next workout? Here’s a few more important details you need to know:

  • LIT helps to increase energy production (ATP) at the cellular level

  • LIT is proven to promote mental alertness

  • LIT increases workout intensity & pump to power you through those KILLER gym sessions.

  • LIT comes in 3 delicious flavours (iced tea lemonade, icy fireworks & gummy worm - my personal fave!)

  • LIT contains 200mg of caffeine (about the same as a shot of espresso)

  • LIT contains 3g of L-citrulline & 3.2g of beta-alanine (feel free to send me a message if you want to know more about what this does during your workouts!)

PS - Wanna try it out for yourself? Use my code 34289 for $10 any $50 purchase - in Canadian GNC stores ONLY! #Sponsored

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