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#ThankfulThursday - September 27th, 2018

Happy #ThankfulThursday everyone! Who else is feeling super grateful for everything they’ve accomplished this year so far?

As this year is slowly coming to a close (can you believe we're almost 3 months away from 2019!?), it can be WAY too easy for us to feel pressured to reach every single goal we’ve set for ourselves. However, instead of focusing on the checklist of goals we still have yet to tick off, I think it’s even more important to go back and appreciate the ones we DID check off this year. (Even those that didn’t make the original checklist.)

So, in the spirit of being grateful, here are just a few things I’m proud of accomplishing this year:

  1. starting my own fitness, health & wellness business

  2. executing a successful BETA test of my #StrongerEverAfter program (more details to come about the official program launch soon!!)

  3. becoming a trainer at @f45yorkville

  4. watching my incredible clients achieve their weight loss & body goals

  5. becoming the cover model for the July issue of @femevolve magazine

  6. landing my first speaking engagement (thanks @monbrandmtl!)

  7. getting the opportunity to work with so many AMAZING brands that align with my values & vision (@freskincare, @birchandfog, @whollyveggie, @gnccanada, @loukoumaniacafe - just to name a few!)

  8. being a part of the @healthyishot writer's team

  9. creating my drool-worthy 7 High Protein Breakfast Recipes eBook

  10. meeting so many inspiring people along the way!

Now it’s time for you guys to do the work. What are you grateful for learning this year? What are you proud of having accomplished? What obstacles have you overcome? What new hobbies have you discovered? How have you experienced growth & development - either mentally or physically? It doesn’t matter if you write them down or share them below. Just take some time today to appreciate how far you’ve come this year. (And it's not even over yet!)

Photo: @kyle.battersby

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