My Summer Gratitudes

Happy September, fit babes!

While we can all start to feel overwhelmed by the fact that summer is (almost) officially over, this is just a friendly reminder to take a step back and truly appreciate all the incredible things, opportunities & people in your life that made your summer an incredible one.

Here’s a few things I’m grateful for this summer:

  1. Getting to do what I love every single day

  2. Having some of the BEST sleeps of my life (ever since my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was fixed)

  3. Taking some time off of my typical training routine

  4. Continually levelling up in my own life & business

  5. Developing a better work/life balance (this was a HUGE goal this past month and I feel like I've finally accomplished it!)

  6. Having the incredible support of all my friends, family & loved ones

PS - To anyone currently struggling to get over their summertime sadness, let this be a reminder that EVERY DAY is a new opportunity to change your life - whether it comes in the form of changing your current mindset, your career path, your physical goals, etc. Instead of getting bogged down on all the things you have yet to accomplish, let's celebrate all the things you DID accomplish & choose to be grateful for all the amazing people, opportunities & upcoming plans we have in our lives!

What has this summer got you feelin' grateful for?

With love and wellness,