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Stop Comparing Your Behind-The-Scenes To Someone Else's Highlight Reel

We live in a society that compares everyone else’s highlight reels to our own “behind-the-scenes” footage - from the tropical beachside vacations (that were planned years in advance), to the perfectly posed selfie (on the 400th try), to the visually stunning meals (that took HOURS to cook and assemble).

When we see others living this “perfect” life, it can become so easy to slip into that dreaded “comparison” trap.

You know the one.

The one where we instantly feel like we’re not good enough, not successful enough, not pretty, skinny, curvy, tanned, tall, short - you name it. We know that these moments can’t be real life 100% of the time, and yet we’re all too afraid to just be VULNERABLE and show each other who we truly are.

But truthfully, nobody is perfect. We may not have the courage to show it, but damn, it’s still there. All of it. The bumps and the bruises. The scars and the sorrows. The fears and the frustrations.

And sometimes, we just need a little reminder that we’re all just fucking human.

So here I am - in all my real, honest, imperfect, human glory. I have stretch marks and fat rolls and an uneven tan. I have freckles and scars and a whole lotta extra skin. I am so BEAUTIFULLY flawed. And I know I don’t embrace all of this all the time. (It’s pretty damn hard!) But I feel like I owe it to all of you to show you that it’s completely okay to BE WHO YOU ARE.

Most of the time, I do prefer to give you the highlight reel - not because it’s “fake”, but because it shows the moments I’m most proud of. But damn, if that ever made you feel like I’m not proud of this imperfect body, I’d be doing you all a disservice.

So quit comparing yourself to others’ highlight reels. You already know they’re highly filtered, constructed and edited versions of reality. There’s no point in trying to fit into a cookie-cutter mould. Instead, choose to break the mould. Be different. Be unique. Be the best version of YOU that you can possibly be.

We are all so damn beautiful, and it’s about time we embraced it.

With love and wellness,

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