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My Fave Food Hacks

Have you guys checked out my Top 5 Nutrition Tips & Hacks video on IGTV yet?

You may not know it, but this yummy-looking breakfast incorporates TONS of little 'hacks' that make this meal BOTH delicious & macro-friendly! (It even uses Tip # 3 that I shared in my latest IGTV vid.)

If you want to know what my fave NUTRITION-related tips are, make sure to watch the full video! I also wanted to share a few more FOOD-related that apply directly to this breakfast here:

1. Frozen Berries are your FRIENDS!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going frozen - in fact, it may even be a cost-effective option for some people. Unless you're following a keto/low sugar diet, I LOVE using frozen berries to sweeten my breakfasts, snacks or even desserts. Berries are also super rich in antioxidants and are the lowest in calories of all fruits. Just reheat about 1/3 or 1/2 cup in the microwave or stovetop and you'll get this delicious, syrupy sauce mixed with warm berries that's perfect for adding on top of pancakes, oats or yogurt bowls.

2. Three Words: COOL WHIP LIGHT.

This may be a little controversial (since it's not 'nutritious'), but one of my favourite hacks for saving on calories but NOT on flavour is using Cool Whip Light to replace whipped cream & ice cream. With only 20 calories per two tablespoons, you're literally cutting HUNDREDS of calories if you choose to have 1/2 cup of Cool Whip Light (80 cals) versus 1/2 cup Ben and Jerry's (240 cals). #sorrynotsorry

3. Egg Whites - I Put That Sh*t On Err'thang.

Although most of the vitamins, minerals & antioxidants are found in the yolk, egg whites contain at least 60% of the protein. Even better? One cup (243 grams) of egg whites has 26 grams of protein and only about 115 calories - making them one of the BEST sources of pure protein there is. So if you're needing to increase your protein intake, you know the drill...

What are some of your fave food hacks? Comment BELOW!

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